1. Creative direction/Styling and Set design 


  2. Production/Art Direction and  Set Design

  3.  Art direction / Production 

  4. Art Direction / Production 

    This fashion editorial is inspired by the book by Suzanna Kaysen ‘Girl, Interrupted’. Its interpretation looks at the lives of such individuals detained in a psychiatric clinic, their state of mind, the effects of the monotonous routine, their daily lifes spend mostly indoors, life without a life, the hidden and the obvious of their mentalities, unexpressed or constrained thoughts and the inner voices.

    Concept/Art Direction/ Realisation by TEREZA BILA

    Photography by CHLOE OREFICE

    Styling by VIOLA GALASSI


    Make- Up by PACE CHEN

    Embroidery by KIRSTY LESTER

    MODELS :  Jack F. and Jordann @ D1 Models, Nora @ M&P Models 

    Published by Ones2Watch 


  5. Art Direction/Prop styling/Set Design 

  6. Concept, Art Direction & Production
    A Ribbon Around A Bomb
    is series of images dedicated to Frida Kahlo the artist and human being. I was fascinated by reading her biography and symbolism used in her paintings. Working towards theme ART - submission for 125 Magazine.  The aim was to create this fashion story complemented by still live images that related to the artist whose life and work, both tragic and triumphant, increasingly speak to the sensibilities of today. 
    Frida Kahlo’s life was characterised by a series of dichotomies - the pull between Europe and Mexico, between the masculine and feminine, dark and light, ancient and modern, illness and health, the personal and the political. These conflicts led to her life-long investigations of female sexuality, cultural identity, power, passivity and pain, mostly conveyed in her work. 


    Concept, Art Direction & Production by Tereza Bila

    Photography : Marta Gornicka

    Styling: Elle Bugge

    Hair: Davide Barbieri 

    Models: Alex and Adam @ Cosmic Model Management 

  7. Concept, Production, Art direction & Set design

    Published : http://cakeit.net/THE-REMAINS-OF-THE-DAY

    The Remains of the Day

    Photographer: Jennifer Endom

    Stylist: Stella Gosteva

    Makeup: Joanna Banach

    Hair: Noriko Takayama

    Models: Sami and Elsa @ D1

    The Remains of the Day is a lucid dream - the kind experienced by people suffering from hypersomnia. Sleep comes easily and all too often to these dwellers of the half space between dreaming and awake - at work, during a meal or even midway through conversation.


  8. Art Direction / Production 

    The Act of Time, fashion film feature represents the desire to stay young, where youth is expressed through metaphorical and figurative depictions of innocence and awareness of ageing.

    Director: Tereza Bila

    DOP: Marek Mysicka film.luminescentdrive.com/
    Hair: Mirka Hajdova :mirkahajdova.com/

    Make-up:Joanna Banach joannabanach.com/

    Production assistant Nat Grogan
    Music Edit: James Thompson
    Styling: Lari Nicolato De Fillipo

    Production and Art Direction: Tereza Bila


  9. Art Direction and Production

    Body Armour 

    Photography by Elliot Dollie

    Styling by Fran Boyd

  10. Art Direction & Production


    ‘Perception is a function of the mind and creates images. 
    If the body is the self the actual self-image must be a bodily image. One can only discard the actual self- image by denying the reality of an embodied self… Narcissists see their body as an instrument of the mind subject to their will’.
    (Lowen, 2009)  

    This set of images were inspired by famous painting such as by Da Vinci, Dame with the Ermine and Mona Lisa and Renaissance Art. Status, power and wealth were strong themes existent themes through out art of Renaissance. Applying these themes, and their relation to Narcissism, to this set of images I used periodical hairstyles and heaps of powder on the face the body. Powder was also blown in front of the lens, a technique inspired by Acne Paper fashion story shot by Daniel Jackson. (One of my favourite photographers). To bring this more into current editorial and more contemporary vision I have designed the make-up charts using blocks of colour on body parts as inspired by John Baldessari art.  The use of blocked colour highlights the presence of Narcissism in these images for instance on the arm of one of the models in what is viewed as a pose of love of the self image. As already discussed with reference to Lowen, the body can be used as an instrument to give of self-image therefore styling was mainly nude with no clothing to distract.

    In the Beauty book philosopher Roger Scruton claims that beauty can be ‘consoling, disturbing, sacred, profane; it can be exhilarating, appealing, inspiring, chilling. It can affect us in an unlimited variety of ways. Yet it is never viewed with indifference: beauty demands to be noticed; it speaks to us directly like the voice of an intimate friend. If there are people who are indifferent to beauty, then it is surely because they do not perceive it. 


    Art Direction & Production: Tereza Bila 

    Photography: Naomi James 

    Styling: Anurak Donovan (Auk Homme)

    Hair : Miroslava  Hajdova


    According to Freud our life is played out in two different, opposing forces. One of them, Eros is the drive for sex, love and self- preservation, whereas the other is known as Thanatos, the drive for death and self- destruction. It is the yin and yang of motivations and urges. Put simply, Eros wants us to live and struggle through with pain and suffering; Thanatos prefers to end it all with death, the equalizer, the dark force, the state of constant peace, calm and rest. !Many of us are in denial about our dark side and regard ourselves as utterly good. Consequently we often close up to all that could pose a threat to our false sense of security; we are paranoid about anything that might set off the “sinful” and “harmful” thoughts within us and strictly avoid sex.

    Yet the dark side within is undeniably part of human nature; we cannot deny its existence, nor fight against it ; all we can do is accept and embrace it so it doesn’t creep up and hide behind our thoughts and make us do horrible things. 

    However, The line between sanity and insanity may be much thinner than we may think. Mostly, it may be carried out in the restricted area of our subconscious. 

    The neurotic is obsessed with their thoughts and actions; the psychotic is losing or has lost control of the flow of thoughts and actions, while the sociopath is spontaneously acting out violence and getting pleasure from sadistic behaviour. 

    ‘Most works of art, including photographs, unfold the extremes of desire and passion, carnal versus divine love, and draw a line between the paradoxical worlds of the Eros (the urge for self-preservation and sexual pleasure) and Thanatos (the urge for destruction or self- destruction) constantly present in them.’ (Perez, 2003) 


    Art Direction & Production: Tereza Bila 

    Photography: Naomi James 

    Styling: Anurak Donovan (Auk Homme)

    Hair and Make-up: TB 

    Model: Anna Sophie @ M&P Models